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Using the A-Z Listings of Journals by Title

The main purpose of the WWISH List is to be a one stop resource to assist users of the Internet who want to access health related journals and to manage their access to these journals. Users armed with an alphabetical list of their journals of interest can, by working through the A-Z listings on the page, determine if electronic versions of their journal titles exist.


Hunter Health users have free access to the full text journals on CIAP, as well as the titles subscribed to by the Library.
Other NSW Health users can access the CIAP titles by using their local passwords.
All other users may need to contact your institution's library to gain access to the full text online.

Each journal title found will have a corresponding detailed information table, such as :

Journal  Name: Circulation: 
Full-text Content:  Full-text available 
Price Category:  Online access provided with an institutional print subscription
Price With Subscription:
Price Without Subscription: $526 (site licence) 
Price Per Article:
Full-text From: v.91 (5) Jan 1995 - 
Notes: Institutions with a print subscription are entitled to online access at a single workstation. Site licences will cost $356. Back issues older than 1 year freely available.
Indexed in Medline: YES 
Publisher: Lippincott  Williams & Wilkins
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